Call for Participation

Museums as Ritual Sites aims to present an interdisciplinary scholarly effort, which will take shape in an edited volume to be published in 2025, to honor the thirtieth anniversary of Carol Duncan’s book Civilizing Rituals. In addition to this volume, we are convinced there are many more voices to be heard and perspectives to be shared. Therefore, in the years leading up to the publication of the volume, a project website will feature blogs, interviews, photo and/ or video essays in which you can present your thoughts and ideas about the ritual functioning of museums today.

Submit a proposal

If you would like to share your reconsideration of Civilizing Rituals, we encourage you to do so! Please send an abstract (300 words), a short bio (max. 150 words), and indicate the type of contribution you’d like to make (blog, interview, photo essay, etc.). We are open to suggestions!

Send your ideas via email to project coordinator Lieke Wijnia: . We aim to send an update of your potential participation within a month of receipt.


This project is launched in 2020, the year that the COVID19-crisis is changing the face of the globe, including the way museums can (and wish to) operate. The future of museums is currently both unpredictable and open for transformation. Although at this stage it may be uncertain where the museum world is heading, what we have seen is that visual art, cultural expression, and heritage are of vital importance in human well-being and interaction. Therefore, this project is not only one of reflection but also one of anticipation.

By launching the project in this moment, a substantial period of time is available for the production of contributions. A schedule will be finalized once your contribution is confirmed. The project website is launched in the spring of 2021 and be updated regularly; the publication date of the volume is aimed for spring 2025 – marking the conclusion of the overall project. Depending on funding opportunities, possibilities for an in-person or online conference towards the publication date will be explored as well.